WordPress Plugins I love

I am going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point! Here is a list of WordPress plugins I love and highly recommend to anyone using the WordPress CMS web platform.  I will add the links eventually, but if you search for these, you can find them fast.


1) wp-db-backup
essential for backing up your wordpress databse.  You may not use it right away and it might sit around collecting dust, but you need it!

2) velvet-blues-update-urls
this is EXTREMELY essential if you ever move your wordpress blog to another hosting provider.  Let me put it this way – I have built a ton of WordPress sites – I move them from host to host, and I KNOW how to change the database info.  This plugin makes database URL changes a cinche – it is an absolute lifesaver.

3) Super-Cache:  If you are hosted on GoDaddy – this will become your best friend.  I am not knocking GoDaddy, but almost every WordPress install on GoDaddy runs slowly.  If you do a reverse IP look-up, it could be that they have a TON of sites on one shared server, but that is just my guess 😉


1)All-in-one-seo pack
2) Google-sitemap-generator
3) Google-analytics-for-wordpress or wp-google-analytics
4) kb-robotstxt
5) meta-tag-manager (I turn this off and on to check SEO)
6) multi-keyword-statics (I turn this off and on to check SEO)
7) list-category-posts
8) nextgen-gallery
9) simple-image-widget
10) contact-form-7
11) social-bookmarks
12) widget-logic
13) wp-category-show
14) wp-ecommerce
15) wp-ecommerce-feeds (this one you pay for, but it is worth it if you sell anything)
16) wp-postratings
17) wptouch
18) yet-another-related-posts-plugin
19) breadcrumb-navxt – (may or may not be necessary based on your theme)
20) featured-content-gallery
21) google-maps-advanced
22) sub-pages-extended
23) category-text-widget


1) Business Directory
2) Dropdown-menu-widget
3) facebook-like-button
4) flickr-widget
5) promotion-slider
6) quick-adsense
7) max-banner-ads
8) random-image-widget
9) the-events-calendar
10) twitter-tools
11) wpaudio-mp3-player
12) flexi-pages-widget
13) most-commented
14) popularity-contest
15) really-simple-captcha
16) theme-my-login
17) worpress-navigation-list-plugin-navt
18) wordpress-paypal-shopping-cart
19) wordpress-video-plugin
20) wp-pagenavi
21) heatmap
22) kimili-flash-embed
23) regenerate-thumbnails
24) wp-limit-posts-automatically
25) wordpress-countdown-widget
26) image-banner-widget

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