WordPress 3.0.1 Image Upload Error

If you have just upgraded to WordPress 3.0, and you are having problems uploading images to your server through the dashborad tool, follow the steps below.

1. Use Filezilla or your FTP client to get the root site structure
2. Open the wp-content folder
3. Find or Create a new directory and name it “uploads” (without the parens) and then change the folder permission (chmod) to be 777 instead of 775
4. Inside the “uploads” directory find or create a new directory and name it “2010″ ( no parens). Chmod this to 777 instead of 775
5. Inside the “2010” directoy, find or create a new directory and name it “08″ (without the parens) and chmod it to 777 instead of 775
6. Now log into your wordpress dashboard
7. Use your media manager to upload images.

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  1. I had a problem with that uploader as well but the newest update fixed it – thank goodness! I somehow fixed it at the time but don’t remember what I did to make it right. I write on Marlaine’s Musings almost every other day and load lots of pics for the online game I play.

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