The PGO VTR S is essentially the next generation T-Rex trike. This will probably be just as crazy fast as the T-Rex and probably just as fast as a Lotus. I like this design a lot better however because it encloses the driver with a windshield and doors to help improve your driving experience. I think it is awesome, I want to build one, and here are the specs for anyone else interested:

0 to 60 MPH in 3.8 seconds
top speed of roughly 157 MPH
Weight 1,150 lbs
Length 138”
Tires 205/40/R17 up front and 295/35/R18 for the single rear

Here is a video of the VTR “S” that I want to mimick:

Specs on the VTR “S”

•Frame (tubular steel)
•Body (gel coated composite)
•Wheels & tires 205/40/17
•Rear aluminum custom wheel & tire 295/35/18
•4 points Security seatbelt
•FRP Seat
•Head rest
•fuel tank and cap
•Arm shifter, Gas & clutch pedal
•Steering system: Wheel, rack, pinion, column & attachment
•Brakes system: Rear & front: discs, calipers & supports, master cylinder.
•Suspension system: Front shocks & springs, lower and upper triangular control arms, sway bar & bushings, rear swing arm, mono-shock, attachment and bushings.
•Radiator & electric Fan.

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