Have you ever wanted to make your own products – toys, action figures, rings, jewlery, little cars – anything?  Prototyping, molding, casting, and working with material to create products has generally been a barrier of entry for a lot of people.  When you think about making something, most people immediate think of using wood, clay, or paper to try to design a prototype.  However, there are a lot of cool plastic products on the market today that can be easily molded, formed, shaped, and cast to help you accomplish simple prototyping needs. 

I just read about this crazy plastic type goo you can buy called Sugru.  You can make buy the commercially available stuff, or you can make your own homemade stuff – to shape whatever you want. 

There is a commercial version here:

and a homemade version here:

CAUTION: the homemade version gives off some wicked fumes – but they are not bad for the buzz!

If you want some ideas for what you can do with this stuff – check out this site:

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