What is a Pitbike?

A “pitbike” is a 50CC, 110, or 125cc bike that is ridden in the pits at motocross races, BMX races, etc, and is driven by an adult.  Gernally pitbikes have a  50cc engine.   Some Pro racers used them to get around the track/pits when not racing, and this how they really caught on.

Nowdays, pitbikes have become very popular with general public and dirt bike racers as well for actually taking onto the dirt track and using them to do stunts, tricks, and racing with them.  The idea here is to modify the stock pitbike by giving it bigger handlebars, changing out the sproket, and even boring out the engine.  This has been done in Europe for quite some time, and has been catching on in the States.

To me, these bikes (50CC) are great for anyone really interested in teaching your kids to ride dirt bikes and even for anyone interested in getting into learning how to do motorcycle stunts and tricks.  Yes believe it or not – even adults that want to learn how to do stunts and tricks can do a lot with a 50CC pitbike.  I learned how to do a lot of fun stunts and tricks on a 50CC before I tried them with my 1000CC street bike.

50CC – 125CC Dirt Bikes

Young riders generally purchase dirt bikes with engine sizes from 50 cc to 150 cc, whereas older ones tend to purchase 250 cc, 450 cc and 650 cc bikes. Most of the 125cc dirt bikes which are sold have a four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a single cylinder. These really powerful bikes are definitely meant for younger riders. In fact, the 125cc four-stroke engine is known as a racing motor since dirt bikes possessing this engine are common in the lineup for motorcycle races. They are very good on rough and difficult tracks due to their body framework and control. Dirt bikes with 125cc engines are also popular for doing stunts and tricks.

popular pitbikes in the 50CC range include the XR50

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