WordPress Plugins I love

I am going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point! Here is a list of WordPress plugins I love and highly recommend to anyone using the WordPress CMS web platform.  I will add the links eventually, but if you search for these, you can find them fast. DOWNLOAD THESE FIRST: 1) wp-db-backup:  essential … [Read more…]

WordPress 3.0.1 Image Upload Error

If you have just upgraded to WordPress 3.0, and you are having problems uploading images to your server through the dashborad tool, follow the steps below. 1. Use Filezilla or your FTP client to get the root site structure 2. Open the wp-content folder 3. Find or Create a new directory and name it “uploads” … [Read more…]

Offering More Subscription Options

  Sometimes giving someone more choices can make one’s life a little more difficult since, by nature, people can become overwhelmed with too many options. However, one area where you want to offer more choices is with how people can receive the content from your blog. The most common option available to bloggers is the … [Read more…]