30-Proof Alcohol Whipped Cream

Anybody need to top that Bailey off with some alcholic whipped Cream? HEY – NOW YOU CAN!   There are some new alcholic whipped cream products hitting the liquor store shelves.  The one I saw was called “Whipped Lightning” – it looks like a canisters of whipped cream, like Reddi-wip, but is actually an alcholic infused treat.  … [Read more…]

Adult Chocolate Milk

So who doesn’t enjoy a good chocolate milk every once in a while?  Especially a chocolate milk that is an alcohol-spiked 40-Proof! If you have not heard about this new product then you may be surprised to discover that  two female marketing geniuses created a product called Adult Chocolate Milk.   The tasty treat — that packs … [Read more…]