Adult Chocolate Milk

So who doesn’t enjoy a good chocolate milk every once in a while?  Especially a chocolate milk that is an alcohol-spiked 40-Proof!

If you have not heard about this new product then you may be surprised to discover that  two female marketing geniuses created a product called Adult Chocolate Milk.   The tasty treat — that packs a 40-proof punch — became an immediate success when Tracy Reinhardt spiked some chocolate milk with vodka and then let everyone on her Facebook account know about it.  Tracy’s friend Nikki saw the update along with a ton of her other friends interested in the product, and Nikki helped Tracy to bottle and sell the new concoction.  Check out their site and “Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof.”

They plan to introduce new flavors — including adult orange cream, adult fruit punch and adult limeade — soon.

Top your adult chocolate milk with a little alcoholic whipped cream if the 40-proof stuff is not strong enough for you!

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