Tri-Magnum Project Car

I created the project car section of the blog to showcase some of the project cars I am working on right now. You hear all kinds of talk about electric cars, hybrid cars, etc these days, but the reality is that this technology is not “new” and ideas to build fuel effecient cars have been around for a very long time (since the 60’s).

The Tri-Magnum I am working on now is a perfect example of that. I found the information for this in a mechanix Illustrated published in the 80’s. I also have plans for an electric car conversion using an Opel GT that was written in the 60’s. They are all feasible designs for one-two people, but not efficient for mass consumption. I think that whoever is mass producting the T-Rex and the VTR “S” found these plans when I did and made their own version. Personally, I love the design of the VTR “S”, and I am going to head in that direction for my build using the Tri-Magnum plans as a guide. You can buy a VTR “S” Kit for $30,000 – I can build mine for $3-$5K (not including powerplant)

DATE: 10/8/10: , I have purchased the plans for the vehicle, I have a donor motorcycle ready to go, and I also have the VW front end and chassis metal ready to weld.

DATE: 12/23/10: Have purchased the main steel tubing to begin frame construction

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