94 Chevy s10 SS Diesel

So I have started on a new project car!  I am working with O’Brien Service in Ferndale to take a 1994 Chevy s10 SS Pickup truck and convert it into a Bio-Diesel Street Rod.  Seems excessive, but if it weren’t – I would not want to do it!   I will update the post with the progress, and I promise to create a build diary for this truck and the Nissan Z electric car I am working on as well. 

So far – here is were we stand with the truck:
1) Lowering Kit ordered and shipped – will drop the rear 4″ and the front 3″ – just waiting on delivery!
2) Suicide Door Hinge Kit ordered and shipped – just waiting on delivery
3) Phantom Grill – sitting in a box at the shop waiting to get installed
4) Halo halogen light system – sitting in a box at the shop waiting to get installed
5) Hard Top Truck Bed – FOUND ON I-94 – FREE

We are currently looking for a Diesel Powerplant – either a Cummins 3.3 or a 4BT

Next Steps:  Need to chop the top, and fix some of the rusted out body panels, and custom fit the hard-top to the bed – then paint this bad boy!

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