Photography Backgrounds

When working with people, products, or still-life for your photography yu will want to determine how the background will come into play within your overall compostion.  When I look at a photographers body of work, the fist thing I usually look at before anything else is the background and how it sets the mood or feeling for the photograph.  Take a look at some of your favorite photos and check out the background – they probably really help to sell the photo and set it apart and make it memorable.

Backgrounds range in complexity and can encompass everything from an on-site location, studio setting, or simply a sheet of paper or fabric.  The point is that when you are working on a visual direction for your photography you should pay attention to your background and how it is going to effect your overall photograph before you focus on your subject in the environment.

So what are some populat backgrounds?

1) White, Black, and Colored Photography Paper Rolls
2) Muslin Fabric Backdrops
3) Fabric Backdrops
4) Custom Printed Background Sreens
5) Brick Walls/Concrete Walls
6) Uncrowded City Street or in a field/park
7) Waterfront property or beaches
8) Custom Hand Painted backgrounds on canvas/paper/fabric
9) Custom studio props – including windows, doors, 4×8 sheets of building material and canvas
10) Green screens and digital background templates

Here are some articles to hlep you establish a background/backdrop for your photos:

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