WinMerge – Compare Duplicate PC Files

If you have ever wanted the ability to compare files or folders on your computer to try and find duplicates or outdated information, or if you just want an easy way to update your iTunes library, you need to check out the FreeWard program called WinMerge.

Extreme example of how WinMerge can help you out: If you are like me and you have about 6 1TB external hard-drives, you start to notice that files and folders begin to duplicate across all of them. I am paranoid about backing up my photography, graphic design work, and website work, so I am in the bad habit of duplicating folder backups across my laptops, desktop, and other drive drives. I finally decided to try and consolidate all of this mess, and WinMerge helped me immensly!

More Practical exmaple of WinMerge can help you out:
Lets say iTunes music file merging. Anyone else find it extremely frustrating to have multiple iTunes libraries across different computers, hard-drives, and desktop computers. I also was guilty of that, so I wanted to consolidate all of my iTunes music into one space without losing it. YES – I have lost tons and tons of music in the past – money and good tunes out the window! But WinMerge helped me to compare my different iTunes folders, check for differences, update the folders I wanted to update and then compare everything again. Really great tool and easy to use!

So if you are looking for an awesome free tool to help you compare files and folders on your computer – to check for duplicate backup files, duplicate photographer, design, or website files – and help you merge everything into one place – WinMerge is the ticket!

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