Magic-Sculpt Epoxy Clay

Magic-Sculpt expoxy clay is a two-part epoxy clay specifically designed to meet the needs of modelers, crafters and sculptors alike. One of the only epoxies that will smooth out with water. Its grain structure is finer than any other product available and will not shrink or crack even when formed in large structures. It can be shaped by hand or with modeling tools, sanded, carved, painted; you can attack it with a grinding tool and the cured material will not break apart or lose its shape. Magic-Sculpt will cure at room temperature.

I recommend it highly for some quick and easy auto body work or for making custom parts and molds.

Working with Magic-Sculpt* MagicSculpt is a two part epoxy putty that comes in two containers, (as seen above) one resin and one hardener. Magic-Sculpt is mixed 1 to 1 by volume in small quantities as you need it. Almost anything can be used as an armature, such as armature wire, metal mesh, styrofoam, wood and balled up tin foil.

* Once you have completely mixed the two components, you have about 45 min to 1 hour of working time (depending on the temperature in your workspace, cold = longer working time, hot = shorter working time) Magic-Sculpt will cure fully overnight to a rock hard finish that is easily painted.

* Dip your hands in water while mixing if the Magic-Sculpt becomes sticky. Wash hands between mixes to keep it from sticking to your hands. Gloves are not necessary but will keep the Magic-Sculpt from underneath your fingernails and cut out fingerprints on finished works. The surface of your Magic-Sculpt sculpture can be smoothed with water before it cures.

Magic-Sculpt is available in Natural ( light grey ), White, Pink, Brown, and Black in 1 lb. and 5 lb. kits. Natural and White are available in 20 lb. kits.

Approximate Coverage in 1/4in thickness
1lb unit = .5 sq ft
5lb unit = 2.5 sq ft
20lb unit = 10 sq ft

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