EL Wire – Electroluminescent Wire

Electroluminescent Wire – AKA EL –  is kind of like DIY neon. This thin electro-luminescent wire (el-wire) glows very brightly when you run an electric charge through it. You can bend it easily, and you can work it into really unique shapes to light objects and compound structures.   You can find it in flat panel sheets as well as wire.

EL wire or sheets, do not produce any heat.   El sheets and wire also runs off batteries or a consistant 12volt source.  This means you can wire it up in your car, on a motorcycle or bicycle, you can even wear it!  I have seen signs and clothing costumes that integrate EL wire and sheets and they are pretty cool!

It comes in various lengths from .5 m to 10 m (you can cut it if you know what you are doing) and in eight colors. You can also make it strobe. It is the world’s most flexible light.  

Live Wire in bulk
Starting at $1.15 per foot

Custom Kits
Contains up to 20 feet of variously-colored wire
Available from Live Wire

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